The Foot Book (Ned) Seuss Dr.

The Foot Book (Ned) - Seuss Dr.
Автор: Dr. Seuss
Издательство: Harper Collins UK, 2018 г.
Ответственный редактор: Арамилев Станислав Ксенофонтович
Главный художник: Цыбанков Владлен Филатович
Оформитель: Ватагин Родион Касьянович
Кол-во страниц: 313
Формат: fb2, pdf,txt

Описание к книге "The Foot Book (Ned)"
Wet foot. Dry foot. Low foot. High foot! Early readers will enjoy marching in time to the beat of many, many feet with Dr. Seuss's fun exploration of opposites.
Left foot, right foot, feet feet feet! How many, many, feet you meet… Take a wild walk with Dr. Seuss and learn all about opposites from a riotous range of characters!
With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr. Seuss has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years. Creator of the wonderfully anarchic Cat in the Hat, and ranking among the UK's top ten favourite children's authors, Seuss is firmly established as a global best-seller, with nearly half a million books sold worldwide.
This delightful book forms part of the third stage in HarperCollins' major Dr. Seuss rebrand programme. With the relaunch of six more titles in January 2004, such all-time favourites as 'The Lorax', 'The Foot Book' and 'Yertle the Turtle' now boast bright new covers that incorporate much-needed guidance on reading levels: Blue Back Books are for parents to share with young children, Green Back Books are for budding readers to tackle on their own, and Yellow Back Books are for older, more fluent readers to enjoy. The Foot Book belongs to the Blue Back Book range.
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  • The Foot Book (Ned) Seuss Dr.

  • The Foot Book (Ned) Seuss Dr.
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